This is an interactive visualisation showing New Zealand's average electricity spot prices in half-hourly increments by time of day over the past year. Prices are shown in dollars per megawatt-hour. If you are a retail consumer of electricity, you're probably used to cents per kilowatt-hour, and you can choose this in .

You can select a time range, date range and/or one or more days of the week and the other charts will be filtered accordingly. It's easy to see, overall or during specific periods which times of the day are cheaper or more expensive, and how prices change over the year.

This might be particularly useful for Flick customers, as the spot prices shown are what you pay in addition to your lines charges and Flick's charge.

This project is open source - check it out on GitHub if you're interested.

NEW: You can now select to view the "typical range" (which shows one standard deviation above and below the average to help you see how variable prices are at certain times) or minimums and maximums, which is great for spotting price spikes, or unusually cheap periods.

NEW: The new Generation tab helps you see electricity demand (instead of pricing), and where the power is being generated from.

Coming soon: